T2 Stealth Wakeboard Tower – 2.5″ Tube


  • 2.5″ tubing for less flex & a stronger sturdier tower
  • Double roll bar top section
  • 1 hole per tower mount
  • Highest quality welding on the market
  • DIY installation
  • Fully collapsible
  • Telescoping top section makes installation easy on any boat
  • Can be mounted on the side or on the top of boat gunnels

Available in Polished and Anodised Finish.



Stand out from the crowd with this sleek and rock solid T2 Stealth Wakeboard Tower finished in uncommon 2.5” diameter tubing. The thickness of this tubing adds to the robust durability of the T2 Stealth Wakeboard Tower and comes fully featured with double roll bars and of course FluidCore laser etching. Fully universal design allows this tower to adjust to any boat year, make and model. The T2 Stealth tower can be mounted to either the hull or the deck with our single-hole mounts – fewer holes in your boat the better.

Upgrade and enhance your boat today with the T2 Stealth tower, fully universal to suit any boat year, make or model.

Front adjustment width range
Minimum 67″ or 1700mm to Maximum 102″ or 2600mm

Back adjustment width range
Minimum 63″ or 1600mm to Maximum 89″ or 2250mm

Length adjustment range
Minimum 67″ or 1700mm to Maximum 87″ or 2200mm


IT’S IN THE BOX  All hardware required for installation is in the box.

WE OFFER PACKAGE DEALS  Please call us for special deals on package purchases.

LIFETIME WARRANTY  We offer Lifetime Warranty on all hardware.

For more information, please call Steve on 0408 540 201

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