T3 Phantom Wakeboard Tower – 2.5″ Tube


  • Universal in design to adjust to any boat year, make or model
  • DIY installation, you don’t have to pay someone else to do it
  • One piece front bars for a more stable tower
  • Superior foot mounts which only require one drill hole per mount
  • Fully collapsible for easy storage (only takes a few minutes).

Available in Polished or Anodised Finish.



At first glance, our T3 tower may look like any other entry level tower but it is different. Our T3 tower has one piece front bars making this tower stronger and more stable.

Similar towers have the front bars in two pieces, meaning more installation time and not as strong. It’s also in the strong 2.5″ not 2.25″.

Get more hang time with our fully adjustable universal T3 tower. The T3 tower has been designed to enhance the functionality of your boat and can be installed on either the hull or the deck with single-hole mounts.

An added bonus is that this tower folds down easily for storage. The T3 Wakeboard Tower is available in polished or anodised aluminium. 2.5″ tube makes for reliable performance – no matter what the conditions. Quality workmanship that shows in our welding laser etching – this is the perfect addition to any boat on a budget.

Adjustment width range
Minimum 62″ or 1600mm to Maximum 100″ or 2500

Adjustment length range
Minimum 63″ or 1600mm to Maximum 79″ or 2000


IT’S IN THE BOX  All hardware required for installation is in the box.

WE OFFER PACKAGE DEALS  Please call us for special deals on package purchases.

LIFETIME WARRANTY  We offer Lifetime Warranty on all hardware.

For more information, please call Steve on 0408 540 201

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